A Terror Attack - Do You Run Away or Run Towards?

2020 is in full swing but I recently thought back to the terror attack in London last year in which, sadly, two people lost their lives. My heart sincerely goes out to their families.

We also experienced some very brave souls, doing what few would, and ran towards the danger rather than away from it.

I really believe there are two types of people… those who run away from danger, and those who run towards it.

And we need both types.

Those that run away, keep the human race alive, by alerting others to the danger.

Those that run towards help to reduce or remove the threat and send the message that we are ‘hard to kill’!

Running away or running towards saves lives.  These actions showed that although we live in a world where everything is available to us, our survival instincts are still there, lying dormant within us, and will come alive when needed.

You will recall on the news one of the heroes instantly armed themselves with a Narwhal Tusk that was mounted on the wall inside Fishmongers Hall.

Was that smart thinking?   Or was it our age-old survival brain kicking in?

Human beings have survived by understanding that using something long and sharp to keep an aggressive predator at arm’s length is a sound strategy.  

And even though we aren’t fighting off the sabre tooth tigers anymore,  it is comforting to know that the instinct is still there. The way we defend ourselves and fight for our lives has not changed.

My hat is well and truly off to those who charged towards the danger, just as much as it is for those who ran to safety and alerted others, or helped the injured.

We cannot escape the fact that there is no way to delegate our own personal safety.  It is our responsibility, each and everyone of us, to keep our eyes open, warn our fellow humans, and when the time comes, react as needed.

There will be some who will go out and actively learn how to do it, and others will do it out of sheer indignation.  

Either way, the ability is there, in all of us.



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