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Adapt to Survive!

Jon BullockFriday, 4th October 2019

The problem with self-defence techniques is that more often than not, they are designed for specific situations. Where the ‘bad guy’ is going to be doing a particular thing, holding you in a particular way, all of which means a particular technique will work.

In reality, if that is the case, then bonus!

But what if the ‘bad guy’ changes their behaviour slightly.  Suddenly, that technique you’d trained 1000's of times suddenly doesn’t feel right, you might not feel 100% confident in the technique and end up freezing, and doing nothing as the situation gets progressively worse.

You see, most techniques are practiced  almost always with your favourite training partner, who’s about the same size and strength as you, you’re evenly ‘matched’ and "work" well together so, the technique works a dream; in the training room.

But the reality isn’t like that.

More than likely the person that decides to try and hurt you... specifically selected YOU!

You were either a victim of chance or worse a victim by choice!

Either way, the odds will be stacked against you... and you're not helping matters by always practicing the ‘ideal’ technique.

You should learn the ideal technique, but also the skill to adapt when needed.

Answer this question... Do you deflect the hand holding the knife to your neck, hit your attacker and escape or control the hand holding the knife and then hit back to escape?

If you’ve just answered yes to either part, then you're right but you’re missing one crucial point. The choice of which one you do may sometimes be yours, and at other times it will be made for you.

I’ve met so many people who’ve been training in self-defence but always in the ‘ideal’ way and that’s okay to begin with but as you progress you need to be able to adapt.  We humans are pretty good at adapting. Make sure you’re learning to apply it in your training.

You need options for when your ideal technique won’t work, situations such as different environments, the relative size and strength of your attacker, right down to how you are feeling at that moment when it happens.

This is one of the main reasons I started with Krav Maga to learn a system that teaches you an ideal option but then teaches you how to adapt when needed.

Because adaptation may make all the difference.

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