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Go to the Gym or Train Krav Maga?

Jon BullockTuesday, 12th March 2019

Go to the Gym or train Krav Maga?

A couple of years ago I received a very well thought out gift from the NHS to celebrate my 40th year on the planet:

A FREE Health Check.

Admittedly, it wasn’t the most exciting gift in the world, but considering we hear so much bad press about how strapped the NHS are, I was pleasantly surprised. So I took them up on the offer.

If you’ve had one of these checks you’ll know that involves checking everything from your height, weight, heart rate, and cholesterol levels, before going onto to probe you on your ‘lifestyle’.

And during that chat I was able to tell the nurse all about training Krav Maga, and I ended up asking her about the single biggest ‘struggle’ people identify with on the healthcheck. Her answer was simple: when it comes to whether or not people do regular exercise, there’s one answer which is more common than others:

“I used to go to the gym, but I quit”

And it goes even further when she asks them why they quit, it’s nearly always a variation on “it was boring”.

And let’s be honest, it’s true.

Unless you’re a proper statto, then the chances are that the gym will get boring after a while, and you’ll either quit, or end up spending a lot more time in the Jacuzzi than on the treadmill. Just like kids, as adults we’re more likely to keep doing things if we enjoy them and feel like we’re progressing with them.

And that’s why it’s much easier to stick to an exercise regime if it isn’t just plain old ‘exercise’, but something that gives you a skill base.

That’s certainly how I see Krav Maga

– it ticks both boxes, keeping me fit AND feeling like I’m still learning.

If you know you need to ‘get fit’ but know full well how boring the gym can become, it’s well worth thinking about a skill you can learn that’ll help you achieve the fitness you want, without the boredom.

 Becoming fitter and stronger are both pleasant side effects to training in Krav Maga. And a comment heard frequently from new members after completing their first trial class is how great a workout the training is and how, with a watchful instructor and a good training partner, they feel pushed further in the workout than they would in the gym on their own.

You COULD go and pay for a personal trainer to push you and motivate you towards your fitness goals.


You could come and TRY OUT Krav Maga training.

I know which one you’ll have more fun doing.

Speak soon


P.S. Oh, and you want to know the SHOCKING NEWS from the health check?

I haven’t grown in the last 25 years – I’m still the same height I was when I was 15.  Mildly annoyed about that if I’m honest.


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