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How Fit Do You Need To Be To Train Krav Maga?

Jon BullockFriday, 5th February 2021

Come back in time with me to 2007...

I’d been in the Self Defence/Martial Arts game for a long time and was at the a stage of ‘searching out' other systems, seeing what was out there.

I wanted to be clear that what I was teaching was the best available.

Yes, I was questioning myself and questioning what I teach... and there is nothing wrong with that, reviewing choices and the path you are on is necessary to make sure you keep aligned with what you want to achieve...

I digress...

I got invited to a seminar of a new ‘reality based’ knife defence training system.

I’m always sceptical of new systems that ‘work’... I mean, I’m not sure who’s out there on the mean 'streetz' testing them!

I’m happy to stick to sensible principles that kind of make sense in an extremely varied, dynamic and quite frankly shitty situation!

But with an open mind, I went along to the seminar.

The instructor started speaking and after about 10 minutes, I quietly left the room. It wasn’t so much about what the instructor said, it was how he looked.

He was overweight!


Before you start to judge me on that part, hear me out.

I don’t mean he was a little overweight, I mean he was unhealthy overweight, his mobility was limited, and he wouldn’t have been able to run 10 metres!

Surely, if you are going to ask people to part with money to learn ‘knife defence’ you should be reasonably skilled at it. And that also means being skilled at the simplest solution of running for your life!

During his open speech he never mentioned running, using objects or anything. Just these new moves...

We were about to learn what a ‘trained knife man’ would do to you...

I’m sorry? A what?

Surely all a ‘trained knife man’ (whatever that is) is going to do is just kill me, perhaps a little bit quicker and more stylishly, than your average criminal.

Or maybe I’ll get lucky and he will be too busy training in the ‘knife man gym’ to be wandering the streets looking for victims.

However, in a little under 3 hours, I’m apparently going to be able to deal with this trained knife man thanks to these new skills and special moves!

OK, I’m certain that I’m going to have a hard time dealing with the untrained knife man, let alone a fully trained one. Does it really need to be said?

Knives are very dangerous and there is a real risk of losing your life.

It’s because of seminars like this one, that I ensure that my Instructors promote the age-old skill of running away, either immediately or as soon as you can...

And by promoting it I mean, actual running and being able to run; watching your food intake, maintaining an energy balance of movement vs food, staying healthy... so that even if you aren’t going to win an Olympic medal at the 100m sprint, you’ll still be able to hot foot it away towards safety!

Self Defence is about making sensible decisions. Not learning the next great ‘move’. 

That said, I’m off to put on my commando trousers and practice defences against the ‘knife man’ (eye roll!).

Stay safe (and sensible!) and have a great week.



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