In an Emergency Situation.....

Teaching a class the other week, I was banging on about the need for training for those situations that you hope will never occur…

It can be a very unrewarding process, and unless you are someone who believes in the ‘you never know’ principle, then I’d imagine, it’s not high on your priority list.

Having been in the Military, and teaching Krav Maga Self Defence for over 10 years, naturally, I am wired to train for the unexpected…

I teach both Krav Maga Self Defence and First Aid training, to everyday people and to the staff of various organisations around the world. Hoping that they retain a little of what is taught should the worst of the worst ever happen.

Well, I’m sorry to say I have ended up in a situation where I really had to prove my own point!

Last year, my partner and I were second on the scene of a major traffic accident. A serious incident to say the least.  I will not share the details as it would be inappropriate…

In an emergency situation, I did all I could to help the people involved and, based on the outcome, I think we did good!

It was a very challenging situation and the phrase ‘keep your head when everyone else is losing theirs’ was very very apt!

I was very pleased that the training ‘kicked into gear'. Could I have done better?


But adrenaline was running, and that’s a major factor in doing what you need to in difficult situations… but nevertheless, our actions influenced the outcome for the better.

There was one part that did scare me though…

And that was the amount of people who stood around, without any idea of what to do, gawping, helpless…

Now, I am not saying that everyone should be a trained doctor (or from a self defence perspective, a black belt)... but having some fundamentals skills, surely… is a positive thing.

If only to myself, I proved a point… training, regardless of the amount of time that you use it, sits in that massive ‘hard drive’ called your brain and will kick into gear when you need it. Fact.

Hopefully, you'll be training this week?

See you then,



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