4-Hour programme
Learn easy to remember techniques specifically for women.
Find out how to react to sudden situations, fast.
Train with likeminded Women
from the Essex area.
Increase your awareness, confidence
and feel empowered.
Next Course Date
Saturday 18 May 2024, 10:30am - 2:30pm

3 Core Skills Every Women Needs to Know.



The smartest thing you can say to talk your way out of a difficult situation.


How to make somebody think twice – so you can move first!


How to escape from the most common holds and grabs, fast.

What you’ll learn

How to recognise, and avoid a difficult situation, early!
What to say and what NOT to say to talk your way out.
The ONE KEY skill you need to escape, quickly.
3 simple things to remember if threatened by an edged weapon.
How to escape the 4-most common holds and grabs
What to do if you end up on the floor and cannot stand-up!

About the course

Here’s the truth – you cannot learn every self-defence skill you might ever need in a single day. But you can learn how to recognise the most common situations faced by Essex Women and how to react and respond effectively.
It all happened so fast or, I didn’t see it coming…
Are phrases that we hear all the time from women who’ve been in difficult situations.
But after attending our course we hear…
‘I didn’t realise how to easy it is to remember…and it was great fun’
‘This is so simple, but so effective I wish I’d done this sooner!’
‘I feel much more confident now, that I won’t just do nothing’
Build your confidence by finding out what you are capable of.

What Other Women Say About The Course

Self defence is something I’ve wanted to learn for a long time, I’ve always wondered I how would react in a situation.
- Tina
I found the course interesting and useful. It made me look at situations from a different perspective The course was also a lot of fun!
- Anne
I learnt so much, and the skills were not complicated which makes them easy to remember!
- Amy
The course was so much more than just techniques. Lots of info about how to avoid and prevent difficult situations! Loved it.
- Jen

Frequently Asked Questions

What time does the course start and finish?

The course starts at 10.30am and finishes at 2.30pm and we schedule breaks throughout.

How fit do I need to be?

If you had to defend yourself being in good shape is a benefit but the course is not all physical, we'll look at common situations which include use non-physical responses.  You'll be ok, you'll have fund and the course is suitable for everyone.

Will there be contact?

We’ll use different types of training equipment to simulate situations, and you’ll make some contact with your training partners, but this is all very controlled and focused on learning.

Will I get hurt?

No. If you listen to the instructors and follow the instructions, you’ll be ok!

Where can I park my car?

We have on-site parking for over 30 cars.

Do you have changing rooms?

Yes. We have full bathrooms, shower and changing facilities.

What’s the training area like?

Your course takes place in our fantastic purpose built training centre, with fully matted training floor.

Can I sign up with a friend?

Absolutely. We encourage coming along to train with someone you know, it makes it much more fun.


Great club with excellent training to deal with todays real world situations.
steve d
steve d
12:02 02 Jun 24
Had a taster session with the guys and they were so welcoming and understanding that I couldn't commit straight away.I have now joined the 16 week foundation programme and I am loving every second of it.The instructors and students are all fantastic, taking the time to explain everything and teaching us how to deal with real life situations.As an overweight 53 year old, I am loving this new lease of life.If I can do it, so can you. You won't regret it.
Grahame Peacock
Grahame Peacock
13:12 26 Mar 24
Brilliant club, very friendly, suitable for all ages, a skill that everyone should know, highly recommended, wish I started years ago.
Tom Carr
Tom Carr
18:08 06 Nov 23
Great club atmosphere with superb coaches.
Mark Eames
Mark Eames
21:36 18 Apr 23
The team at Battlesbridge are fantastic!My two children have been attending their classes for years and continue to learn some very important and valuable defence skills.
Louise Sutton
Louise Sutton
15:12 08 Mar 23
My daughter loves going and seems to enjoy it a lot
Safwa Aboobackar
Safwa Aboobackar
19:06 02 Mar 23
An amazing training centre for both adults and kids!
Great place to learn self defence skills in friendly, very organised classes. Would definitely recommend👍
Andrew Nicholson
Andrew Nicholson
22:14 17 Feb 22
Friendly, professional, knowledgeable, respectful environment with personable staff and students. A must for anyone looking to increase confidence, fitness and learn a skill that will help you look after yourself and those you care about.
Dan Swift
Dan Swift
23:28 06 Feb 22
An absolute pleasure to train with like minded people who genuinely want to get better at defending themselves I love being a part of an amazing team of people
Sally Wilkins
Sally Wilkins
18:56 05 Feb 22
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