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Learning 100 Different Self Defence Techniques!

Jon BullockFriday, 8th November 2019

Many moons ago, I went through the (painful) process of trying to find a Martial Art / Self Defence System (call it what you want!) that suited me… I always wanted something that had a fitness element to it, so that I didn’t have to have a gym membership as well, or go do another fitness activity. 

I wanted it all, in one thing (needy aren’t I!)

During the ‘search’, I went to countless training centres, from Church Halls to Leisure Centres and Sports Halls, trying out all sorts of styles and systems.  

I tried one particular style (I won’t mention it out of respect) whereby we learnt about 20 techniques in one class. 

Now, don’t get me wrong… it was good fun and was pretty cool.

But ask me how many of those ‘cool moves’ I can remember?.

Very few is the answer.

In fact, I think the Instructor told me there were ‘100’ fundamental techniques to learn!

What I realised was that most of the systems and styles I tried out were ‘closed systems’.  Meaning, there is one technique for one particular type of attack you might face.

And when there are infinite ways someone could attack you, that’s a lot to learn!

Then, add in the constant change in attacks that happen. 

Take Gang Violence, for example, when I was at school, I can’t remember that being an issue… now it’s everywhere!

So not only do closed systems have to deal with all the current possible attacks and threats, they also have to deal with new ones.

In fact, when I think about it… I guess that’s why the more traditional ways of training end up sticking to their ‘history’ and do not develop with modern times.

But when I found Krav Maga Self Defence, I realised it was an ‘open’ system. 

I could learn to defend against one type of attack, and then translate that movement to something else, in a relatively short space of time. 

Take the classic ‘swinging punch/slap to the face’... Once I’ve taught somebody that, it’s pretty easy to translate that to something more severe, like a knife attack!

That’s why Krav Maga is advertised as ‘Simple and Easy to Learn’...

It doesn’t mean you can do two lessons and be BLACK BELT. 

It means that the training is all linked.

Or, as an instructor in Israel said to me… 

“Krav Maga is like islands with bridges… they are all connected, you can move from one to the other quite easily!”

I think that’s why so many people are now starting Krav Maga, and staying with it.  As they soon realise it doesn’t take years to learn, as everything is open…. And they get fitter at the same time! BONUS!

All that is needed is for you to find a good instructor, have some focus and show up to training!

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