Elite Titans (Ages 4-6)

Imagine a room… filled with happy, highly motivated, energetic children, They are having fun and learning skills that will benefit the for the rest of their lives. This is what our Elite Titans programme can do for your child. The Elite Titans class focuses on building positive attributes needed for learning and living, from discipline, courtesy, confidence, character, focus, concentration and teamwork. There is also focus on strengthening physical abilities in flexibility, coordination and agility. The programme is designed specifically for 4- 6 year olds. We use developed methods to capture children’s imagination, designed to help each and every children progress in a positive manner, teaching then abilities that will help them in school, around the home, socially and of course, situations where they have to stand up for themselves.

Elite Juniors (Ages 6-10)

Our Elite Juniors Programme is the continuation from our acclaimed Elite Titans Programme. Most of our Titans grow up and progress to our Elite Juniors Programme. The programme not only provides practical self defence knowledge, but also a proactive approach to personal development. We strive to help our junior members develop their personalities as empowered members of their communities. Mutual respect and cooperation are encouraged, as well as socialising, problem solving, and of course fun. The end result is increased self esteem and self confidence. These then lead to a more productive and able young child. We want all of our students to possess these skills, and believe you, the parents, can see how the training correlates to overcoming challenges in the today’s world. Our instructor team are strong role models, promoting positive and healthy behaviour both on and off the training mats.

Elite Teens (Ages 11-15)

We teach teenagers the skills they need to succeed, while they learn to protect themselves. Our system and teaching methods are from a real world approach, dealing with the various risks that youths of today are facing. Numerous studies have found that teanagers who study Self Defence have an increased sense of responsibility, and are more reluctant to follow the crowd into risky situations, then a greater sense of self esteem and growing self confidence. Since bullying is most prevalent in this age group, we teach the effective techniques and strategies to they are able to defend themselves when needed, but also have the skills to avoid conflict where possible. Our classes are high-energy, exciting, fun yet realistic from some of the best instructors in the UK.


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