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Remember the magic technique to defend against two armed gunmen?

Jon BullockSunday, 18th August 2019

I've posted about this previously, but I came across the video again the other day. I was doing the usual pointless ‘scroll’ down the Facebook newsfeed, making my way through the memes, cat videos and pictures of what people had for breakfast.

And then suddenly, I saw something that piqued my interest: a video of a ‘self defence expert’ showing you what to do if you were ever held at gunpoint. 

Here’s the screenshot of the video:

Krav Maga Elite — July 2022

Your eyes don’t deceive you; she is actually trying to take you step-by-step through a situation in which you fend off two guys, both pointing guns at you.

Part of the solution that the ‘instructor’ suggests is to deflect one gun, so the first bad guy shoots the other.

Then she re-directs the other weapon and shoots the other guy.

The main problem is that this sort of “solution” is based ENTIRELY on assumptions.

Assumptions about the attitude and behaviour of the ‘bad guys’…

The physical ability of the person being held… 

Their emotional state at the time…

Whether the guns are loaded or not (and whether they’re real or fake)…

The environment the scene takes place in…

And so on and so forth…

In short, it’s not a solution; it’s a fantasy, based on nothing more than assumption and guesswork.

Now, I am not speaking ill of other instructors, but I am making the point that all instructors have got a responsibility when it comes to posting stuff online.

They need to understand that whatever is posted will be viewed (and believed) by many people, all over the world.

Which means that whatever you demonstrate (for some people) becomes reality, and teaching a ‘technique’ to defend against two gunmen holding your hostage is far from reality.

What would I do in a similar situation?

Well, to be honest, my first question would be: “how did I end up in that position in the first place?!”

I mean, two guys managed to sneak up on me from the front and back, pull guns out, and grab hold of you without me seeing or doing anything - there’s mistake number one.

But okay, let’s say I ended up in that situation: what are my last-ditch chances of survival before I’m dragged in to a nearby transit van?

The only solution here is a combination of aggression, timing, speed and ability to escape (fast) with a little bit of luck thrown in!

Whatever you do must be extremely aggressive, it must incapacitate the ‘bad guys’ in some way, to cause them pain, to change their thought process to ‘buy’ you some time.

The only real option here is using your understanding of a modern self-defence system - like Krav Maga - combined with fast aggressive action to do some damage and then escape at the speed of 1,000 gazelles (something else that is not demonstrated!)

Needless to say, this video was posted on a website call ‘DumbAss Martial Arts’… nuff said!

PLEASE vet the people you learn from, take an objective view and avoid the people who invent ‘techniques’ for every situation.

Sometimes just using common sense combined with your fundamental skills has more chance of success.

But as my instructor from Israel always says, “If you let someone put a rope around your neck, and tie your hands behind your back, do not be surprised if you are hanging!”

I’m off to invent a “technique” for how to defend myself from a choke whilst falling out of a window… it might happen! 🙂

Speak soon


P.S. I thought about posting a link to the video on here, but I really do not want to give it any more views than it’s had already, because it is quite frankly ridiculous.  But if you are really curious, check out Dumbass Martial Arts 😉


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