Stay Safe....Be Aware!

I am loathed to mention the ‘news’ again in my blogs, but I was reminded of this old story the other day when the CCTV footage of the attack showed up on my Facebook newsfeed.

It did make me think more and more about how some people ‘educate’ for self-defence.

Turns out there have been a few occasions in London where people have randomly pushed innocent people on to the tracks of the Underground, without any reason, let alone a warning, build-up, argument or whatever.  Just launching themselves forwards and pushing hard.

Utter madness.

Granted, these might be people of unsound mind or high on some type of substance. But it brings into question what should self-defence instructors teach to deal with this?

I am sure somebody, somewhere is coming up with a ‘move’ where you ‘sense’ the person’s energy and sidestep one way then sidestep the other and, hey presto, they fall onto the tracks!

You laugh… but I kid you not it’ll happen and probably closer than you think!

Ask most instructors and they’ll fob you off with the old military phrase of maintaining ‘Situational Awareness’

To which you answer. “What does that mean..?”

And they reply…” being aware of your situation”

Yeah, ok mate… thanks for the clarity!

Let me help and translate it for you.

It means being very clear on two things:


Know the people around you?, Know the place?  Okay, you can chill at little; weddings are the only exception… risky as hell! 🙂

Don’t know the place, but know the people? - Keep your eyes just a little more peeled.

Don’t know the people, but know the place? Keep your head turning a little more than you would be when watching Netflix but probably not as much as a Wimbledon tennis final.

Don’t know the people, don’t know the place?

The answer is obvious, lock and load and deploy your nunchucks!

(Just kidding, that would be illegal!)

Just make sure you are noticing things a lot more, paying attention as we say!


Just dial up your senses a little bit, you know. When there are ‘unknowns’ around you pay just that little bit more attention to where you are, where everybody else is, and what’s going on.

In a world, where I can be just peacefully waiting for a train and some dude decides it’s time I meet the great Krav Maga God in the sky, we are in living in dangerous times.

And when the good lady on the tannoy advises me in that garbled voice, to stand behind the yellow line, I won’t be the person whose toes are touching it, whilst I check on my Instagram account.


Because being brutally honest, if anyone is going to be shoved onto a train track, then I would prefer very much not to be on the list. If just by taking that half a pace back, I can appreciate my surroundings, when I am not sure who’s around me. It might just mean I am not the ‘chosen one’...

Stay safe,


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