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Utter Nonsense Self-Defence!

Jon BullockTuesday, 17th September 2019

I had an interesting… no hang on, that’s too polite… a ridiculous, conversation the other day regarding self-defence training.

One of the things that I do is write training packages for ‘high-risk teams’ employed in certain job roles.

Without sounding too cliche, I can’t say too much but you get the idea, people who need effective training solutions delivered over a short space of time.

I met with another ‘instructor’ the other day, who had also taught similar teams and he proceeded to tell me that the training he delivers is primarily centred around…

Wait for it…

Pinching and twisting skin, or poking people in the eyes.

This was the whole basis of his self defence training?

What utter nonsense!

Now, I am not saying that pinching someone, or poking them in the eye wouldn’t hurt and maybe buy you some time, but it’s certainly not something I’d focus a WHOLE training course on.

Human beings don’t really need to practice poking someone in the eye, I mean hey, you’ve probably poked yourself in the eye a few times.   And I am sure some annoying kid at school pinched you, and maybe you did that back to them.

You don’t need to spend a week practicing it, there are more useful skills to learn.

But my new ‘instructor’ friends disagreed.

So I presented to him with a (hypothetical) challenge.

Let’s say we had one week, we both had to train someone to defend themselves and then, at the end of the week they would meet in a ‘duel’.

He could spend the week training his ‘student’ in ONLY in pinching, biting and eye poking.  The stuff he believes in.

I could spend the week training my ‘student’ in ONLY striking with the hands and legs, keeping balance and structure, learning how to block and counter-strike, how to avoid going to the ground and, what to do if you end up on the ground, how to move and stand up quickly.

The stuff I believe in.


ONE DAY before the ‘duel’... he is suddenly told he can teach all of the stuff I’ve been teaching to his student, and I (Mawwhahaha) can teach his stuff to my student in the same day.

You get my point?

I’ve just spend a week training my ‘warrior’ in the fundamentals of self defence & combat, he’s just a week training his ‘warrior’ in what they already know how to do and don’t really need to practice it that much.

I can easily teach his skills in one day, he can’t do the same with mine.

He’s just pretending.  Using quick ‘pain’ movements to wow some uneducated people in what he’ll undoubted call ‘secret techniques’ that can disable ANY opponent!

Let’s get real.

Spend time learning the stuff that builds your confidence and skill at the same time, and then just understanding that all the poking, pinching and biting stuff is there if you need it, but it is certainly not the basis of all of your training.

I’ve spent nearly 15 years teaching Krav Maga, I’ve trained all over the world and have trained some people to exceptional standards.

But apparently I should let them know it was time wasted, all they needed was pinching and poking!!

We humans are easily influenced.  Question everything, just because someone is a ‘instructor’ and might hold some authority, doesn’t mean what they are saying is true.  People believe all manner of BS these days.

Be sceptical.

Learn a system of self-defence that makes sense, and that builds a strong skill base for that moment in time you hope will never come.

Speak soon.



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