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What Have You Done Today?

Jon BullockTuesday, 9th July 2019

I got frustrated this week.

In fact, I get frustrated most weeks.  I’ve been told it’s not possible to cure this frustration, but I will keep trying.

You see, Krav Maga Elite was set up to be exceptional.

From the training to the service levels, to the value we offer.

To, most importantly, our commitment to helping our members develop.

But each week as we improve, I still find something I’m not pleased with.

A spelling mistake in a Facebook post (probably like in this one!), a tech error on our (very busy) website, a process that isn’t quite right. There’s always something.

Something to change, something to improve, something to make better.

Many tell me that I should ‘relax’ and accept things as they are and that things are destined to be just ‘okay’...

And when I look at the majority of Martial Arts School, settling for ‘okay’ seems to be very common.

But I just can’t live like that.

First and foremost, our training must be current and up to date. The Instructors must constantly develop themselves and the way they teach.  Then it’s about our brand, how we service our membership, and our ability to respond to things.

But as we get busier, more popular and known for what we do, I see the little things even more. The small things, the detailed things that make it just that little bit better.

But it’s never ending.

So, I’m taking on a new strategy, and it’s a daily one where I ask myself these questions.

Each day I’m striving for the answer to be a very clear ‘YES’, and if that’s the case, then that’s acceptable. I’ll settle for that.

I can rest peacefully and go to sleep, [naturally with one eye open, always vigilant, always ready] then to rise the following day and repeat the whole process again and again, always slightly better than the before.

Small incremental changes over a sustained period make a huge difference.

Consistent, prioritised action to be that little bit better than you were the day before.

Better in the things that truly matter the most.

Our health. Our learning. The experience of new things.

And spending the time we have with amazing like-minded people.

Content in the knowledge that we’ve done our best to challenge ourselves to be the best possible versions of ourselves we can be.

Here's to making things that little bit better.

Have another great week!



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