What is Situational Awareness?

Most of my time is spent teaching… but it’s not all just kicking and punching.

I spend a fair amount of time working with some BIG NAME companies, educating their staff about dealing with difficult people.

There are lots of courses out there for Conflict Management, (or whatever you want to call it).

But the fact it… most of them are rubbish!

Most ‘Conflict Management trainers’ like ‘buzz’ words!

They’ll throw phrases at you like ‘Situational Awareness’…

(That’s a military term that has been picked up and overused by those who never served!)

They’ll then proceed to bang on about some of their ‘experiences’, largely when they were ‘on the door’… BORING!

Describing situations of when you actively choose to put yourself in a job role that would likely see a significant level of aggravation…  is probably about the worse example to give to people who are just going about their normal daily lives and just want to stay safe.

If you’re going to and from the school gates, for a night out with your friends, or on holiday with the family… then you are hardly going to don your long black trench coat, put an ‘earpiece in’ and stand around being ‘situationally aware’!

Let’s get real…

Being aware of your surroundings is important, but not ALL the time on RED ALERT!

There’s a very simple way to think about it…

The People vs the Environment…

Do you know the people around you? YES

Do you know the Environment well? YES.

ANSWER = You can dial down your imminent FIGHTING STANCE!


Do you know the people around you? NO

Do you know the Environment well? NO.

ANSWER =  Open your eyes and pay a little more attention (less iphone staring!)


… and then you have those in between

Know the people, don’t know the environment…

Don’t know the people, know the environment…


You get the idea?


Who’s around you and where are you!

That’s a much simpler way to think about your ‘situational awareness’.


I’m off to Ninja Crawl to the corner shop… you never know!  😉

Have a great day!


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